New Product Introduction; it’s more work than you think.

New Product Introduction; it’s more work than you think.

Many of our clients spend a lot of time and effort creating the ideal, world-beating product. However, designing a product is only part of the work. Figuring out how to produce it can take just as much effort, and companies should factor this into their product development planning.

Choosing the right contract manufacturer is key to your success.

Almost everyone will use a contract manufacturer and it’s critical to select the right one for your business. There are many to choose from and not all are created equal. Each one will have different technology specialties and work at different volume scales. Regardless of which one you select, they will expect that you know how to communicate what you want them to do.

Too many companies will select a manufacturing partner before they understand everything that needs to get done to get their product shipping. Materials selection and sourcing, product labelling, manufacturing test and regulatory approvals are all classic examples of afterthoughts. Many companies assume that their contract manufacturer will simply handle these issues.

Don’t expect your contract manufacturer to solve all your problems.

Regardless of which manufacturing partner you choose, it’s important to recognize their role in your business process. They aren’t there to select your components, be your logistics team, manage your delivered quality or provide product technical support. Some offer design services or help with market access approvals; however, they do these things to enable their main objective – build things according to your forecast and ship them to you.

Relying on a contract manufacturer to figure out everything you don’t know how to do is not in your best interest. A full-service partner like Swift Labs will help you choose the correct manufacturer for your product, manage your bill of materials, set up the manufacturing and testing processes, and obtain all required market access certifications.

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