Get the right expertise when you need it.

Get the right expertise when you need it.

Minimize technical and schedule risk when launching hardware products.

Developing a hardware product is difficult. There are many specific skills that are required in a hardware development environment. The need for electrical and mechanical design is obvious, but there are also other elements like firmware, power management, and increasingly wireless.

Wireless presents its own set of unique challenges. Simply choosing an appropriate wireless technology can be daunting, but implementing it successfully can be overwhelming for companies without experience in this area. It requires specific design and optimization skills to ensure that performance objectives are met, and that it doesn’t not interfere with other parts of the design or its environment.

Furthermore, the regulatory environment is very complex. What certifications are required? Which regulations apply? This alone can take many months for inexperienced companies to navigate.

The lack of the right skills when you need them can cost money.

Beyond the actual development skills, there are also manufacturing, regulatory testing and logistics concerns that must be addressed before the first device ever reaches a customer. Even if you have done these things before, they almost certainly present a risk to your project. These often turn into delays and rework, which have real costs as well as the opportunity costs of a delay to market.

Even if your solution is software or cloud-based, it depends on hardware. If you must create or modify that hardware to enable your solution, how do you cope? Spending scarce resources on a non-core part of your business can take away from efforts to differentiate your core experience. Trying to hire particular skills to solve problems is challenging and that resource may not be required in the long term.

Fortunately, there is another way to unlock the innovation potential in new product ideas and get them to market faster. Don’t divert key resources to non-core tasks, or bring on additional full-time resources to address specific needs. Instead, outsource those needs to a specialist.

Whether you need help with wireless design, regulatory approvals, or contract manufacturer activation and new product introduction, these services can be brought on board as needed. You get the benefit of the expertise for the time you need it, and don’t burden your organization with resources that are only partially utilized. Having these services on retainer further reduces your risk by ensuring they are available when needed.

Having resources on demand provides flexibility to quickly respond to your customers.

Swift Labs offers outsourced hardware product design, development and realization services focused specifically on wireless. We have helped many clients with specific aspects of their product development cycle as needed, when needed. For those clients who require it, we can also develop an entire product end-to-end. Our services range from concept and feasibility analysis right through to supporting new product introduction and manufacturing test at a contract manufacturer.

Contact to find out how we can help you get your products to market faster.

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